• Back at he old page design, with some modifications, until I find a better XP Design look.
  • Made the “Members” page. If you want to become an official HelperScript Team member (as a coder or tester), contact the webmaster.
  • HelperScript is looking for forum admins because I really don’t have any time to moderate and administrate a big forum. I need a dinamic person who knows to administrate an usual PHP forum and has some ideeas.
  • Modulator is still down because my mom got sick and she is in hospital.It will be ready as soon as she will get out and I will meet the Modulator encrypters and .exe coders.


  • Unfortunately, download of the new HelperScript Modulator and Modules has been stoped because of some encrypting – decrypting problems.
  • Modulator will be up again in maximum one month. This perioud is so long because I have some very important exams… I am sorry for any inconvenience… The full version (3.1.2) is still available.


  • HelperScript Modulator is ready! View some screen shots: modulator1, modulator2, modulator3.
  • What is Modulator?! A revolutionary script that makes YOU the boss of YOUR script. From now on, you can easy install/uninstall modules made by HelperScript Coders. For example, if you don’t use the “CserviceDirectHelp Module”, don’t load it!
  • You will have all modules ready for you on a special module page and you will install ONLY the modules YOU need!
  • The initial script will have no modules installed. We can’t force you use the options you don’t need…! Customize your IRC client, make it as YOU want and take it to the xtrem!


  • Added the #zT / #Nastrand (UnderNet) help quotes. Made by Monte_Cri.
  • Remade the /xlogin. Now you can login to X more safer.
  • Added the AutoMode +x module. This module recognise when you logged in to X (UnderNet) and sets you the +x mode. For this module to work, you need to set your user’s language to romanian or english.


  • Got that damned IRC trojan out… And I tell you it wasn’t easy to do that because it infected all the remote scripts so I needed to remade most if the codes. I have NAV installed on my laptop but he didn’t said anithing… F*** Symantec… I will install RAV…
  • Reconfigured the Flood Protection because it was to sctrict… But if you liked the last set, just push the “Set to strict” button from the Flood Protection Menu.
  • Got out the mIRC version reply. I finally made it… Now, mIRC will not tell at the VERSION reply that you use it. Why I made that? Because many of you complained about that… I don’t know why but they complained so…I got it out…:) I don’t know if it will reply with the “HelperScript bla bla bla” because I didn’t tried it online and I am not in the mood to do that right now… If it will reply…good for it… If not…the same… What’s sure it’s that you will not reply with mIRC 6.x any more…
  • Got out the text from the installation archive. Why? Because eaven a rat knows to push the “Install” button to install a program.
  • Now you can op/deop/voice/devoice 6 users at a time. I could’n added more because that’s the official UndeNet and DalNet deop limit so, this is a helping script… If you want to deop more than 6 users at a time, go get a war script.