HelperScript in winter clothes.

Good news! I’v just finished to:
– update the portal core to 7.6. This is the latest core, more stable and faster. I didn’t installed the Sentinel because it isn’t needed. But don’t force me to do that, I don’t like to ban anybody;
– changed the look of the page. The winter is comming so I think this is more appropriate.

I deleted all the download files by mistake but I’v reuploaded them all. If you find any download errors, please report them as soon as possible!

I’m over and out…

Hi everybody!

This is a very important announce!

Tomorow I will move to another town, without my parents, etc etc. I will have no DSL, Dial-Up or any home connection so I will connect only from my mobile phone or I-Caffe.

I will come back in…3-4 years so don’t expect for any new majour page changes. Not this year…

Maby I will work at the script but not now. A main reason for moving is that I don’t have any time for MYSELF, for my heart, for HER… I had to choose: her or computer. Once I choosed the computer and it was really bad! Now…I choosed her and I hope I made the right decision. You are free to comment my decision on the Forum post that I’v just made.

I will read my mail almost daily so if you have any questions please contact me.
Don’t search for me on IRC because I will not pay my bouncer any more so it will go down in one month.

For any *hackerz*, tempted to attack the portal:
Please remember that HelperScript is a FREE script, like an open source project. Please respect my work. Maby the portal is vulnerable and I’m sure that some of you will find some security lacks. Please don’t abuse them. At the end we are all humans…

So…that’s it…
I hope you will enjoy my scripts even if I “the great eye” isn’t active any more:) See you later!
Respect for you, respect for the comunity,

P.S.: I will be back!

HelperScript passed 3000 downloads!

Hello friends!
I have VERY good news!

HelperScript Portal passed 3000 downloads!

Another thing that we can celebrate is that HelperScript *(C)* Full passed 1000 downloads!

Some statistics:
– total pageviews since 20 April 2004: 29520;
– data downloaded: 4.5 GB;
– total members: 46.

Thanks to God, my familly, my friends (especially Monte_Cri), my ISP (www.MXHost.Net – that provides this webspace and bandwitdh) and to all who helped and trusted me and my projects. Special thanks to YOU that visit this page and use my programs! Without all of you I couldn’t be where I am now!

Keep it real!


  • Added a Downloads button from where you can download my favourite programs, listed by domains. If you like a program, please contact me so I can put it on the list.
  • This page is to serious… So, I added a Fun stuff button where you will find (logic) funny stuff, links, etc etc… This page will be updated by Nootka.


  • Modified again the design. Why? Because the last version was not so user-friendly. Now you can find all what you need more easely and faster (God! My page has 18 buttons!:D).
  • Added the new “What script you think it’s the best?” pool. This because I want to know what you, users, use most (warez, protection, popups, etc.).


  • Added a Security section. Through this we want to extend into other domains.
  • Added the Links button. There you can find my favourite links and some usefull links.
  • Added the Free Bots button. From there you can apply for a free channel robot.