From this section you can download all the “latest” versions of HelperScript and Modulator. It uses a very old mIRC version (like…2-3 years old) so you might want to download mIRC and overwrite the mIRC.exe from the original mIRC to HelperScript. If you feel that this script should get updated please leave a comment.

HelperScript Full

  • Script version: 4.1
  • {filelink=1}

HelperScript Full Macedonian

  • Script version: 3.1.3
  • {filelink=2}

HelperScript Pro

  • Script version: 1.0
  • {filelink=3}

HelperX Bot

  • Script version: 1.1
  • {filelink=4}


  • Script version: 0.1 Beta
  • {filelink=5}


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  1. Pt. a lua orice versiune a scriptului, da click pe link-ul (cel in care scrie “click here to download”) de langa “Download:” a scriptului dorit.

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