After two years…

Well…we’re in 2010. Any news from HelperScript? Nope… Any new stuff in my life? For sure…  I moved to another town, I got married, I expanded my company.

I’m 25 now. I’m beginning to think at building a nice house and making two kids. Life.

Sometimes I’m thinking at the time I was coding HelperScript. Those were GREAT times!

And still…after all these years…HelperScript is STILL here!

Today I had some time to refresh the website a little bit. The downloads page is functional again, along with all the other pages/links.

If you feel that this script should get an update…please throw me a line.


2008 – dead or alive?

Hi there!

I didn’t wrote anything within the last TWO YEARS. What had I done? Well…a lot. A family, a university, a webhosting/webdesign company. A LOT.

How come I’m writing this article? Well…I don’t know. Maybe I was thinking at the past…and I joined IRC. Almost nobody.… We have to advance and IRC is not “trendy” any more. We all have blogs, hi5… And we all have a life.

Still…I still care at this project, even if it’s been shutdown by…me. I still see visitors. I still notice activity. Do you want a new HelperScript version? Do you think you can make this relic reborn? If YES please reply to this topic.

YOU decide!

2006 Pool result

Ok, here’s the result of the pool within a year. As you can see many persons voted and the results are more than OK! I hope I will have time for HelperScript in the near future!

Ummmm, not bad… 16.05% (39)
Cool! 35.39% (86)
Terrific!!! 8.64% (21)
The best one! 21.81% (53)
What the hell is this? 18.11% (44)

HelperScript is in winter clothes again!

Hi there everybody!

As you can see I didn’t said anything for a LOOOOONG time. This because of my VERY BUSY and “overloaded” personal life.

Oh, talking about personal life. If you wanna see what’s going on with my live check . You can also subscribe to my personal mailinglist so you’ll be noticed every time something new hapens in my life.

Back to the “winter clothes”, HelperScript is back to the “winter theme”. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

I suppose I won’t post antyhing before June so I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

God bless us all!

HelperScript on Yahoo! Messenger

From now on you can contact me (Razvan, HelperScript’s programmer) live on Yahoo! Messenger.

The Yahoo! ID is simply… “razva_rosca” 🙂 Don’t mail at that address because you have 50% chance to be tagged as spam. To contact me use the contact form you have on this website. Leave me a message if I am not online but please skip the stupid messages or spam. I will reply all questions but ignore the inutile ones.

You can see my status on the new “Live! Assistance” block (left side).

Don’t hesitate to contact me! Thanks!